Info Retail Project Showroom


The intent behind the Info Retail Project Showroom was to create an experience mimicking a portfolio presentation. When a guest is brought through the space, the work and capabilities of IR should be apparent, both through the projects being highlighted, as well as the method used to highlight.
From the initial kickoff and information gathering, an idea and subsequent form became apparent. Creating multiple mobile, freestanding structures capable of either displaying a two dimensional project, or complimenting a physical object would allow for the greatest use of the show space, and give the greatest amount of versatility.
Due to the internal nature of the project, the team moved fluidly from the initial brainstorm, through sketches and visualization, to mock-ups and prototypes.



The scale mocks and functional prototypes allowed shortcomings to be addressed before creating the final units. Namely, the base of each unit was weighted to discourage tipping. The team completed both physical walls and graphic panels just in time for a large in-house capabilities presentation.




Project Team
Shane Dietrich, Kevin Greer, Marty Jacobson, Matt Lancaster, Darwin Muljono, Jeff Wietrzykowski

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