My name is Matt Lancaster, and I enjoy creating thoughtful spaces. I really appreciate the planning and forethought it takes to design an intentional environment.
Two of my strongest interests are architecture and video games, and only recently have I begun to find meaningful common links between the two. The former is often passive for the participant, where as the latter is very much an active interaction. The former is, for the most part, a fixed medium; the latter is increasingly malleable, movable. Architecture, more often than not, is subtle, yet has the occasional bombastic personality. Games have been loud and jarring for so long, and are now coming to an age of achieving subtlety.
For me, however, both represent amazing opportunities to create spaces. Both give the creator the ability to intimately shape the experience of a visitor. Both, regardless of their analog or digital natures, have to take into consideration the needs and desires of the future inhabitants of said space. And from this point, the designer is allowed to write the rules on how this inhabitant will experience the space.
This oft unstated conversation, about spaces and environments, or between two seemingly discordant topics, or between designer and end user, excites me. These conversations are why I enjoy design.

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